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About Pascarosa


Pascarosa's Catherine and Brian Faris, have deep roots in southern Italy's  Puglia region. Since their first visit over 24 years ago, they have acquired an olive grove, a home in the centro storico of the baroque town Martina Franca and, yes, a trullo, too. They produce their own certified organic extra virgin olive oil, Pascarosa, harvesting their olives and milling them at the local olive mill. They've even been featured in an Italian pasta company's advertising campaign!


Catherine’s advanced degree in Italian literature, fluency in Italian and her former professional roles in Italian film public relations and wine industry management all help to ensure your trip is outstanding. Catherine is also a Certified Travel Associate (CTA), offering expertise in itinerary planning, trip design and custom travel coaching. 

Brian’s design and building background provide architectural insight. He’s also developed close relationships with the local olive harvesting and bicycling communities, so he’s more than willing to lead guests on cycling tours with the locals.

Together, their extensive relationships and local knowledge offer cultural immersion for people who "don't do tours." Unlike large tour experiences, Catherine and Brian provide access to the real Italy that even a dedicated, independent traveler would never find.

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