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Come visit us in the Valle d’Itria! Puglia is Italy’s best-kept secret vacation paradise, with over 400 miles of coastline, a phenomenal cuisine that epitomizes the healthy Mediterranean diet and the warmest residents you’ll ever meet. We offer half day, full day and week-long culinary and wine-focused tours that include visits to food artisans, wineries, olive oil mills and some of the best small, hard-to-find restaurants the region has to offer. Learn more about culinary Puglia here and read on for more delicious details about our programs. And learn what our guests have to say when you visit our TripAdvisor listing.

We offer week-long programs focused on the culinary delights of a region only now becoming recognized as a prime international food and wine travel destination. These are small group tours designed to offer intimate experiences with local chefs, farmers and food artisans, so space is extremely limited. We're also offering a specialized experience for food photogrpahers and food stylists led by two industry insiders, the first of its kind in Puglia. Here’s what you’ll discover during our programs:

Fall 2015 Pascarosa Insider's Food and Wine Tours of Puglia Highlights:

  • Hands-on cooking classes with one of Puglia’s best known master chefs
  • Visit to an artisanal pasta producer
  • Hands-on olive harvest experience, including a guided visit at the olive mill
  • Olive oil sensory evaluation seminar
  • Tastings of Puglia’s world-famous wines
  • Guided walking tours of local towns, including two UNESCO World Heritage sites and a few towns listed among “the most beautiful villages in Italy”
  • Dinners with food artisans featuring local specialties from the sea and the land (all meals included)
  • Lodging in a five star masseria, a luxurious country retreat just outside the Baroque jewel-like town of Martina Franca

Location: Valle d’Itria, Puglia, Italy

  • Pascarosa Insider's Food and Wine Tours of Puglia #1: Sunday, September 13 to Saturday, September 19, 2015-SOLD OUT
  • Pascarosa Insider's Food and Wine Tours of Puglia #2: Sunday, September 27 to Saturday, October 3, 2015-SOLD OUT
  • Pascarosa Insider's Food and Wine Tours of Puglia #3: Sunday, October 11 to Saturday, October 17, 2015 (Focus on Wine Traditions of Puglia)
  • Food Photographer and Stylist Tour of Puglia featuring Clarissa Westmeyer and Heidi Robb: Sunday, October 18 to Saturday, October 24, 2015-(click here for detailed description and itinerary)


  • $3,200 per person, double occupancy (single supplement $400.00); includings lodging; all meals and beverages, including wine; and all activities identified in the daily itinerary

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One Day Culinary Tours

We also offer one day culinary tours—perfect if you're in the area and want to experience the area's food traditions, meet local food artisans and step behind the scenes for once-in-a-lifetime encounters with the heart and soul of Puglia. One-day culinary tours of the Pascarosa extra virgin olive oil region take place in Martina Franca, the gem of the Valle d'Itria. Guests will experience the  extraordinary bounty of the Pugliese culinary experience through a series of visits, tastes and hands-on encounters with food artisans, farmers and vintners.

We'll meet in a classic caffè for a morning cappuccino and a house-made pastry, then proceed on foot through the charming baroque town of Martina Franca to observe cheesemakers preparing the day's fresh mozzarella and ricotta. After a stop at a wood-fired bakery for some hand-on focaccia and semolina bread preparation, we'll stop in at the local farmer's market to learn about the unique varieties of wild and cultivated vegetables that grace the tables of this part of Italy. Lunch in a hidden trattoria well off the tourist path will incorporate all of the region's favorite dishes, showcasing the healthy, vibrant cuisine of Puglia paired with the region's exceptional wines. After lunch, we'll visit an olive mill to participate in a local olive oil tasting. The day concludes with a pre-dinner, al fresco aperitivo in Martina Franca's central piazza.

The price of the eight hour tour (includes snacks, multi-course lunch, wine and an afternoon aperitivo) is $195 per person. An abbreviated four hour tour (includes lunch) is $125 per person.

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Why Choose Puglia?

Puglia, until recently a hidden gem reserved for Italian vacationers, is one of Italy’s most fascinating regions. Blessed with over 400 miles of coastline and 1000 more hours of sunshine than any region in Italy, Puglia is a perfect destination for anyone who craves unspoiled beauty, phenomenal cuisine and warm, friendly locals eager to promote their home.

In Puglia, visitors can discover the Italy of old, where it’s possible to stumble upon delightful medieval towns, unspoiled beaches and rambling country lanes used only by local residents. Puglia truly does offer something for everyone. Join us for the sensory experience of a lifetime.

Why Choose Pascarosa?

Unlike large tour experiences, Pascarosa provides access to the real Italy that even a dedicated traveler would never find. You can enjoy every moment of your vacation without the stress of planning, giving you time to participate in traditional methods of harvesting and preparing some of Italy's most sought after products, like olive oil, cheese, artisanal cured meats, bread and wine. You'll discover depths of flavor you never knew existed. Pascarosa draws upon local experts to share their knowledge and passion, providing unparalleled, hands-on experiences. In the company of a few like-minded companions, you will be welcomed into the kitchens, farms and workshops of farmers and artisans and experience the vitality of rural life while mingling with the locals in jewel-like towns and dining at the best family restaurants. You return home with a new appreciation, a new perspective and memories to last a lifetime.

Catherine and Brian Faris, have deep roots in the Valle d’Itria in Puglia. Since their first visit 20 years ago, they have acquired an olive grove, a home in the centro storico of the baroque town Martina Franca and, yes, a trullo, too. They export their own certified organic extra virgin olive oil, Pascarosa, available in fine food stores and to Pascarosa Club members and others at Catherine’s advanced degree in Italian literature, fluency in Italian, her former professional role in Italian film public relations and wine industry management all help to ensure your trip is outstanding. Brian’s design and building background provides architectural insight on our tours. He’s also developed close relationships with the local olive harvesting and bicycling communities, so he’s always more than willing to lead guests on cycling tours with the locals. Together, their extensive relationships and local knowledge offer a unique opportunity to experience Puglia on a deeper, more rewarding level.

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